Betting with Responsibility

The Austrian Sports Betting Company has always offered “responsible betting” with professionalism and safety.

tipp3 should be synonymous with entertainment, fun, and excitement for our customers. For most people, it is easy to properly handle betting activities. Among other things, tipp3 offers the delightful prospect of transforming sports knowledge and enthusiasm into a chance to win money. For most of our customers, placing sports bets is an exciting form of recreational activity.

However, The Austrian Sports Betting Company is also aware of the fact that for a few, betting can be problematic and associated with adverse impacts. Therefore, a separate department, “Responsible Gaming, Sponsorship & Advertising” is entrusted with implementing player protection measures. This department is also responsible for conducting employee training, as well as coordinating with Austrian and international research institutions that deal with the scientific exploration of this issue, and how best to advise affected people and their families.

This multi-faceted topic is addressed in the “Five Point Player Protection Program” as follows:

1. We live prevention.

Since it began, The Austrian Sports Betting Company has made it our job to actively combat any sports betting problems that arise. In order to keep sports betting a pleasure, our company is committed to ensuring compliance with conditions for participation.

Children and minors are not, and have never been, the target group for tipp3 products. Studies have shown that individuals who have developed problematic betting behavior often began betting at a young age. Therefore, the sale of sports betting products is allowed only to persons 18 and above.

2. We inform punters.

The Austrian Sports Betting Company has a section dedicated to player protection on its website: www.tipp3.at. There customers can find information about participating in sports betting responsibly.

3. We train intensively and continuously.

The key to our success essentially lies in the hands of our sales partners and employees. Therefore, all distributors must undergo compulsory basic training on responsible gaming. Executives and employees with direct customer contact are trained annually with courses specifically created for this topic.

4. We advertise responsibly.

The Austrian Sports Betting Company voluntarily bases the design of our promotional activities on highly ethical standards. The goal is to provide information and not to stimulate an excessive need to bet. We are focused on only publicizing benefits to our customers which can be advertised responsibly.

In 2011, the “Code of Conduct Responsible Advertising” was implemented. It is comprised of 11 points, and ensures that advertising and sales activities are in keeping with high ethical standards and, in particular, that they are not directed at persons or groups who may be vulnerable to problematic betting behavior.

5. We encourage research and cooperate with counseling and treatment facilities.

The Austrian Sports Betting Company contracts with reputable institutions and research facilities to conduct scientific studies on issues related to “responsible betting.” 

Independent of these, the Austrian Sports Betting Company has worked closely for years with counseling and treatment facilities to actively exchange information.


Ms. Doris Malischnig
Corporate Function Responsible Gaming, Advertising & Sponsoring | Prevention Department
Tel.: (+43 1) 79070 - 2810