Achieving Great Things with Little Contributions

No sport has as much unifying potential as football. Football is played all over the world – regardless of gender, age, color, nationality, religion, or income. The intercultural football project “FairPlay. Many Colors. One Game” capitalises on this fact.

Since 2009, tipp3 has supported the effort through its own “FairPlay Projektpool” and has successfully organized more than 30 football events as a symbol against racism, discrimination, and exclusion of minorities. The Austrian Sports Betting Company is deeply committed to integration and diversity.

Giving Good Ideas a Chance

Which projects in the "FairPlay Projektpool" receive financial support from tipp3 is determined in conjunction with criteria created by tipp3. More information, including entry forms for anyone interested in submitting a proposal, is available at www.FairPlay.or.at.


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