The Sports Betting Market in Austria

An overview of the development of the Austrian sports betting market, including statistics, is published annually in the handbook of the Austrian Bookmakers’ Association. Members and officials may receive it free of charge. For other interested parties, it is available upon request for a fee.

The Austrian Bookmakers' Association

Founded in 1994, the Austrian Bookmakers' Association represents its members and lobbies on their behalf for the interests of the bookmaking industry. Currently it represents 30 members and 6 associate members.


Oesterreichischer Buchmacherverband
Ms. Susanne Prochaska / Verbandssekretariat
Weyrgasse 5/7, 1030 Wien
Tel: (+43 1) 713 45 78 / 43
Fax: (+43 1) 713 94 80

Legal Principles and Oversight

Activities of The Austrian Sports Betting Company are subject to strict legal requirements; particularly the national sports betting laws. Supervisory authorities from the respective national agencies are responsible for verifying statutory compliance regulatory enforcement.

Rules of the Austrian Sports Betting Company

By participating in services and games offered by The Austrian Sports Betting Company, punters are required to comply with the company’s rules. These rules are applicable for all bets placed through counter sales or electronic and mobile platforms offered by The Austrian Sports Betting Company.